Welcome to my journey

Hey, I’m David, nice to meet you.

Every week I write ~700 words on my indie hacker journey. I will share all my processes during this journey including updates about apps, wins and failures, what I have done, app stats and things I learned.

About me

About 8 years ago I ended up with my Master's Degree in Computer Vision, with the desire to live from my own projects, and having only worked as an intern, my indie hacker journey started.

I started creating Android applications of different types and themes. But I saw that I couldn’t support myself with what I generated, so I went back to work.

After this, I continue living in the loop where I work in a company or startup and then continue with my entrepreneurial process.

Throughout my career, I have developed products in the absence of a dedicated audience. This newsletter represents my attempt to cultivate an audience and provide them with valuable insights, thereby mitigating the likelihood of them encountering the same pitfalls I have experienced.

I would love to have you on board.

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I'm a passionate indie hacker.